In November last year I was sitting at work when I received a call from one of my friends - it sounded like it had just won the lottery - his voice was shrill and excited. Totally out of place, definebabe told me to go to buy a newspaper and a top shelf magazine particular definebabe - I asked him why only buy, they said. I had stopped buying magazines years high shelf, but curiosity was stronger than me and I got into a corner store near the house and bought the magazine. definebabe I got home before the woman was lying in bed to look through the magazine. I immediately saw the reason Dean had told me to buy it - there on page 18 naked with her legs spread, Mike, our mutual friends girlfriend Emma. I had the " hots " for Emma, ??because he presented to Claire (my wife) and I, about 2 years. My cock sprang to attention and masturbated furiously over a dozen photos for the magazine before hiding. Over the next few weeks I 've masturbated on a daily basis and Emma Dean and Ispoke at length about the pictures and if Mike knew or not. Just before Christmas, Dean and I received a Christmas present, if a few more images have appeared in another journal, and found some photos on a website. Dean made ??a comment one night before Claire and later asked to definebabe know what was going on - I told him that Dean had said that Emma was published in porn magazines, asked if I had the photos and she said yes , predictably, it was said that you masturbate to them? - I could not lie. asked if they could see the magazines and, like a schoolboy I gave her. She looked but said nothing. That night when we went to bed Claire magazines looked again - and we talked about Emma - Claire said all colleagues Mike jerks on this - I said yes and we have been for weeks. Totally unexpected and out of character Claire said: "I love you" to me, " what" replied - I thought that hquestioned bird. Claire did not reply, he sat down and lifted her nightgown over her head and pulled her underwear - which was then in the middle of the bed and spread her legs - he says - come on his knees between them and the straw. Handjob Claire was nothing new - both openly masturbating in front of others, but this was the first time I had masturbated over her as a model in a magazine. When I saw the breasts evacuated lush, dark hairy mound - propagation show that she asked, " Do you think your colleagues would like to masturbate over me " which is a difficult question, because I do not sure what he meant, but finally I said, "Of course it would be " asked then you want: "I definebabe was honest and said he did not know. Claire put his right hand between her legs and rubbed becoming wet pussy cum before he had time, my office was empty at her pubic hair. Since that night, Claire and I masturbate (almost)and to stop and have explored a variety of magazines definebabe and websites ( including this one) - Claire definitely want men to turn to other and masturbate on her, but she can not decide what to do. It is not known, a magazine, because it is too public, so we are considering an offer to make two or three unknown to us, and just when Claire naked (no contact ) and are more of her masturbate while watching or participate - no offers
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